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  • Economical Storage From The Office To The Warehouse

  • Our shelving solutions are perfect for the office, home or garage

  • Expand your storage area with our raised mezzanine flooring

  • Organise your storage with bin boxes and label holders

  • Lockable storage including filing cabinets and lockers

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Econorack is an industry leader in South Africa providing economical storage solutions ideal for any enviroment including the home, office and warehouse. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products and services at the best possible prices.

Contact us to discuss your storage requirements so we can provide you with the ideal solution.

Our extensive product range offers pallet racking from the warehouse solution to the light weight system for hand packing as well as bolt on shelving for the small part storage or archives. Raised mezzanine floors are perfect for double capacity volumes to expand your storage area with multiple levels.

All Econorack's products are available in component form for easy self assembly or our professional team can erect your racking for you.

Racking Systems

We manufacture and stock a range of static racking systems which are manufactured to the customers specifications. Pallet and longspan racking beams are adjustable at 76.2cm increments. Connector beams have a special design safety pin. Beam thickness is based on weight of products stored.

Econoracks longspan and light duty racking can be tailor made to meet your precise needs.

Shelving Systems

Our bolt on shelving is light weight and easy to assemble. Each unit consists of x4 angle posts, levels to your specification, gussets or bracing to add strength to the unit.

Our Bolt on shelving systems are perfect for the office and the storeroom.

Flooring Systems

We also produces Raised Mezzanine Flooring Systems

Our raised mezzanine floor is used in conjunction with steel racking to support the floor.

Our Mezzanine Floors are built to your specifications using strong timber and steel components.

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