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Height Options:
1905, 2210 and 2400mm

Shelf Width Standard:

Depth Options:
305,381,457 and 610mm

Shelf levels to your specifications

Shelving Systems


Bolt on Shelving

Econorack's bolt on shelving is light weight and easy to assemble.

Each unit consists of x4 angle posts, levels to your specification, gussets or bracing to add strength to the unit.

Our Bolt on shelving systems are perfect for the office and the storeroom.

Corner Shelving

Corner Shelving

Corner Shelving is an innovative solution to fully utilise corner spaces, adding to your storage capacity and is the perfect accessory to the stand alone shelving units.


  • Increased rigidity / stability of free standing units

  • Available in all popular shelf sizes

  • Highly durable epoxy-coated finish

  • Available in open or closed units


 3 Bay Corner Shelving unit 790mm high x 305mm deep with 3 levels.

Powder coated gray.


Corner Shelving 

Commercial Shelving